Trigenics® is a neurological treatment system which resets the way the brain communicates with the body to instantly relieve pain, increase movement and strengthen muscles.

Trigenics® involves applying 3 treatment systems at the same time for a neurological effect which is much greater than if you only received one.

We combine functional exercise neurology with nerve-sensor manipulation and breathing biofeedback to trick the brain into changing the way it signals the muscles and the body.

Facts Facts Facts Facts Facts Facts

• Trigenics® is safe and non-forceful.
• Activation of specific neurological reflexes, produces dramatic pain relief and healing
• Trigenics® can be applied to sensitive areas (neck, jaw...) and can be used to benefit elderly patients, as well as infants and children.
• Patients are interactive participants in their treatment procedures.
• Trigenics® can accomplish more in less time and the results last longer.


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Hannah (Hamilton)
"I'm Hannah Croad, New Zealand's number 1 ranked beach volleyballer, and I rely on Linley at Hands on Physio to keep me in optimum shape year round. Over summer in the peak of my season I sustained an elbow injury and was told by a number of different physios that I would need absolute rest for at least a month. Then I went to Linley; she used a mixture of Trigenics, acupuncture, Kinesio® Taping and standard physio and had me playing with my elbow at an international level tournament within a week. Since this first encounter I was converted, and would recommend Linley, Hands On Physio and most of all Trigenics® to any person no matter how active, that wants to keep a happy and healthy body."


Hannah playing with partner Micah at the Hamilton Open 2011











Hannah and partner Micah Lindsay-Brown in competition at the 2011 Hamilton Open

Linley with Hannah (left) and Micah











Linley with Hannah (left) and Micah

Deon Muir's testimonial on the benefits of both Trigenics and Kinesio Taping.

"Both my joints and muscles feel better and I have improved body movement.
My niggly injuries recovered fast and my overall body feels balanced and I have been able to do really intensive training, at my age that's a good thing!
The combination of Trigenics
® and Kinesio® taping has been very successful for me and the students in the sports programme I head up. We all had huge gains out of this treatment, this was obvious to me with the results we got and the boys wanting to be treated."

Linley performing Trigenics on Deon Muir











Linley performing Trigenics® on Deon Muir




Linley has become the first Registered Trigenics® Practitioner (R.T.P.) in New Zealand


Linley with the founder of Trigenics, Dr Alan Oolo Austin

Linley with Trigenics® founder Dr Allan Oolo Austin.  


Dr Austin performing Trigenics

Dr Allan Oolo Austin performing an advanced procedure on Linley.


Dr Austin showing Linley advanced Trigenics

Dr Allan Oolo Austin showing Linley more advanced Trigenics® on Dr Michael Egan, Australian Regional Director of Trigenics.


Linley performing Trigenics on Dr Rick

Linley peforming an advanced Trigenics® procedure on Rick.